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UV Printer Flatbed Carpet Printing Machine

DACEN DG-1800 uv flatbed & roll printing machine, print size width 1.8m, with toshiba ce4m print head. a set print can solve 2 print problem, flatbed print and roll print.

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Product Details

DACEN DG-1800 uv flatbed & roll printing machine, print size width 1.8m, with toshiba ce4m print head. a set print can solve 2 print problem,  flatbed print and roll print.

UV flatbed machine is mainly for flat materials, any flat material can be printed including soft materials, and the printing range is wider. Most of the materials printed by UV roll printers are soft materials. The uv roll printer can only print soft roll materials, and the uv flatbed printer can print flat and cylindrical materials. So in summary, relatively speaking, UV flatbed printers are more practical. But the choice still depends on everyone's needs to buy.


1, UV flatbed printer

UV flatbed printers can print any flat media, such as: ceramic tiles, glass, metal plates, acrylic, PVC, chevron plates, iron plates, etc., and can be used in various industries, such as advertising, home decoration, luggage and mobile phone shell industries , Handicraft industry, electrical panel industry, etc.


2, UV roll machine

The UV roll machine mainly prints roll materials.  Machine is conveyed by four rubber rollers, with adjustable tension, uniform feeding, no wrinkles, and the main width is R3200. It can print: ceiling soft film, car stickers, light box cloth , Knife scraping cloth, wall cloth, etc.






Printing sample:





Common problems and solutions for UV printers

   1. Ink leakage from printhead

   The first reason to consider is the negative pressure problem, which can be solved by appropriately increasing the negative pressure value. Secondly, wipe the surface of the nozzle with a cleaning fluid, there may be large dust on the surface of the nozzle, and again, check whether the ink tube connecting the nozzle is leaking.

   2. Color is missing or garbled

       Reconnect the print head cable, optical fiber cable, or switch network cable.

       The reason is data transmission error or loss.

   3. Gradually change color during uv flatbed printer printing

   Needle loss caused by clogging of the print head, resulting in incomplete printing of a certain color. Adjust the negative pressure and voltage appropriately.

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