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Best Small Size UV Printer 6090

Best Small Size UV Printer 6090

DG - 6090 can directly spray varnish effect on material, uv curing and varnish spray can be finished at a time, control the curing time to be minimum in case of dust adhesion and bubbles, get more pure print effect.

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Product Details

With strong independent ability of R&D, Dacen has successfully produced a variety of new and practical printers widely used in advertising, digital shells, building materials, arts and crafts, glass and ceramic and other industrial areas. Dacen has been won many customers' favor and praise from home and abroad by its rich experience,exquisite technique, cost-effective products and perfect after-sales service.

Small Size UV Printer 6090:

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DG-6090 Patameter:

Print Size600*900mm
Print head TOSHIBA CE4M
Print head quantity4-5 PCS
Ink colorC M Y K Lc Lm W V
Print height0-100mm
Print Speed600*600  ----  2.99sqm/h
600*900  ----  2.06sqm/h
600*1200 ---- 1.57sqm/h
Picture formatPdf,cdr,ai,jpg,tiff
Curing systemLED UV
Cleaning systemNegative pressure
Machine weight100kg
Machine size1558*1688*820mm
Power requirementAC220,1500W
Temperature/humidityTemperature:20-30℃      Humidity: 40%-60%
CertificationCE ROHS SGS
Environment requirementNo dusts

DG-6090 Feature:
print size 600mm by 900mm, print height from 0 to 100mm, use lead screw guide transmission in Y axis with high precise location.   adopted only carriage moving in X/Y/Z directions that saves more room.DG-6090 Printer Features:

2.Electronic control system is designed more convenient for checking problems. The ink bottle is totally sealed, only need change the ink bottle every time, in case touch with the air, make sure longer ink life after open.

3.Though the machine power off, it can press ink automatically once every 3 hours to protect nozzles. The secondary ink cartridges pre-heating system enhance the fluency further.

4.DG – 6090 is equipped with Japan Toshiba print head, print head life from 3 to 5 years. One head is installed with two color, white and color output at the same time, greatly improving the print speed, print speedcan achieve 4.2 square meters per hour.

5.Packaging plate making is practicable thanks to its high print accuracy that even print clearly 2pt words as competitive as screen print. 7 colors configuration makes transition color natural, human skin fin and smooth, more charming and attractive, rises printed products value.

DG-6090 Printer Applications:

Glass 澳门银银河澳门网址:

Glass 3.jpg  Glass 2.jpg

Gift Market:

Gift 1.jpgGift 2.jpg

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