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UV Flatbed Printer Advantage

- Jun 06, 2017 -

1, using the latest technology focused reflective cover, so that the reflected UV light energy concentration, light curing efficiency is high, is conducive to thick ink layer of ink curing, can deepen the deep curing ink, quickly dry, to avoid air In the dust pollution, affecting the printing effect.

2, the choice of the best mirror aluminum plate, uv cold light source reflectivity of 90 percent or more, greatly improving the utilization of ultraviolet light, reducing energy consumption; unlike some modified small manufacturers, steel set Iron to deceive customers, not only the use of short life, and poor reflection efficiency, resulting in ink can not dry solidification.

3, because the different ink in the UV wavelength curing is not the same, so need to match the special uv lamp. How to ensure that uv lamp rated full power output has become the most important, in the choice of transformer above, I use the import of the EU transformer, long life, and stability, is more than 3 times the ordinary transformer life.

4, shade size and shape of the design concept, this is our patented technology. Different power uv light emitted from the light is not the same, not simply that the light can be printed on the print material, which involves the use of ultraviolet light and conversion rate, the proportion of the perfect gold mold shape, so that the UV The loss rate of light down to 10 percent below the corresponding utilization and conversion rate of 90 percent to ensure that the UV frequency synchronization with the ink stability and long-term, so you really do the print that is dry, And is deep, the internal more than 95 percent dry.

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