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Seiko Print Head Introduction

- Aug 14, 2017 -

Produced by the Japanese Seiko Electronics Group, Seiko is famous for the production of precision watches and clocks, and now it has a very strong strength and foundation in product container piezoelectric print head, whose stability just like Seiko watch with excellent quality.

At present, the manufacturer who large-scale apply the Seiko print head is FEI YEUNG UNION.


Mainly series in the domestic:

SEIKO SPT 255 35PL (Extreme Sprayer)


SEIKO SPT 255 GS Grayscale

SEIKO SPT 510 35PL (Extreme Sprayer)

SEIKO SPT 1020 / 35PL

SEIKO Jet T508GS / 12,24,36,48,60,72,84PL

SEIKO Jet T254 / 35PL


SPT print head synthesize all the advantages of all the print head in the past, there are other advantages:

1. Mainly in the whole stainless steel design, with a strong resistance to life, each print head has 510 pipeline.

2. The voltage of print head can change with the temperature changes, so be able to get rid of broken ink of other print heads caused by temperature and other external factors

3. The data port of the print head can be adapted to different printing software.

4. Can be used in a variety of modes of production, ink drop size is 35PL and 12PL, the highest standard accuracy is 720DPI and 1440DPI, color saturation is impeccable.

5. The print width is 75mm, is 4 times as large as the ordinary print head, can be fast output.

6. Applicable to a wide range, has been used in industrial and commercial.

7. Match ink production lines all checked by the Japanese Seiko Electronics Group Professional staff, each production of all the ink certified by the Seiko Group before investing in the market.

8. The cost is low and tends to be popular.

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