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Digital Leather Belt UV Printer Anti-collision System

Digital Leather Belt UV Printer Anti-collision System

Digital leather belt UV printer anti-collision system which can prevent the print head from being damaged.Installed 8 heads with the color CMYK,LC,LM,W.The ink we use is certified by Toshiba,passed RoHS,SGS certification ,there is no any components that may damage the print head.

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Digital leather belt UV printer anti-collision system

Digital leather belt UV printer all accessories of ink system are certified by ink supplier,which will not have any chemical reaction with ink.Equipped with anti-collision system,the print head can be protected from damages caused by human fault and the materials deformation,ensuring  a longer life of the print head. With its high resolution and high quality,it can not only print on leather,but also can print on almost all flatbed materials such as phone case, wood, glass, metal, acrylic and so on.

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  1. Why there is odor when the UV printer printing
    UV flatbed printer in the actual printing will produce some odor, the worse the ink is, the more intense the taste will be.

  2. What is the resolution of the UV flatbed printer
    The resolution of the UV flatbed printer is also called the output resolution, which refers to the number of pixels that can be output per inch in both the horizontal and vertical directions, that is, the pixels of the image.

  3. What's your best price?
    We are directly factory will offer you best competitive price.

  4. How can I adjust the print height?
    The printer can detect the height of printing objects automatically. And being helped with the operator will get a better effect.

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