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Why Order UV printer for printing background wall

- Aug 24, 2020 -

Now we all know that UV plate printer is not subject to any material restrictions, can be on wood, glass, crystal, PVC, acrylic, plastic, stone, leather and other surface color photo printing.No matter it is simple color block pattern, full color pattern or pattern with excessive color, it can be finished in one printing, no need to make a plate, no need to print and repeat color, it has a wide range of applications.

Why Order UV printer for printing background wall

1, to adapt to consumer demand, now more and more high, the people's standard of living house bought after the most important thing is to decorate, the place such as sitting room, corridor, the bedroom metope bare clearly inappropriate, wallpaper, the shop design, mechanical effect of the single, not very appropriate, select integrated wallboard, ceramic tile, glass and other decorate it is undoubtedly the best choice.


2, pattern personalized choice, for the young people now unified style of the appeal is very low, in their own range will choose as far as possible unique, novel, high-grade decoration style, and the product produced by UV printer can meet this need.

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3, substantial profits, actually this is the most basic principle of doing business, not to mention high profit, no profit of products is almost no one to do, ceramic tile, glass, and other products produced by the uv printer, ink consumable cost five yuan per square meter, and the material, the artificial water and electricity, auxiliary equipment, put together, the cost is within 100 yuan per square meter, and now the setting wall of under 300 per square foot are small, which is early to simply do the customer that decorate, now began to think about why the machine produces its own


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