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Where is Ricoh Gen6 Print head Better Than Gen5 ?

- May 06, 2020 -

        In recent years, with the rapid development of the UV printer industry, UV digital printing is also facing new challenges. In order to meet higher machine usage requirements, new breakthroughs and innovations in printing accuracy and speed are required. Recently, with the strong support of Ricoh in Japan, we have successfully applied the Ricoh Gen6 nozzle to the UV printer field and launched a new Ricoh Gen6 nozzle printer. As soon as the product came out, it attracted the attention of the industry.


Ricoh G6 print head have 2 advantage over G5 print head:

1.High precision

The ink droplets of the Ricoh G6 head have changed from 7pl for G5 to 5pl. Smaller ink droplets indicate that the transition pattern can be finer. This is a more obvious improvement to the details of the mode.

But it can also be divided into two parts, the basic water droplets become smaller, and the large water droplets become smaller (from 21pl to 15pl), so that the printing of color patches will bring new problems, that is, under the same aisle conditions, with the G5 nozzle In comparison, its coverage depth and uniformity will be slightly lower.

2.high speed

As an upgraded version of Ricoh G5, Ricoh G6 has higher production capacity and faster printing speed. By increasing the ignition frequency, the movement speed of the Ricoh G6 nozzle series equipment car is faster. At the same resolution, the amount of ink per unit time is greatly increased, and the number of hole patterns can achieve the same effect. .

Ricoh G6 uses a new variable ink drop technology, which can reach three levels of variable dots, can provide the smallest 5PL ink dot size, high-speed or low resolution can easily achieve perfect image quality No dot printing effect. Bring more real and detailed details to the picture.

The minimized 5pl droplet size and improved ejection accuracy can produce excellent print quality without producing a grainy feel. In addition, the maximum frequency of gray levels is 50kHz

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