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What is Toshiba print heads like

- Dec 02, 2017 -

     Ther are not so many Toshiba print head printer manufacturers compared with Ricoh’s.which the result that Toshiba print head is rigorous on the roles to pick UV printer manufacturers.they only authorize those factories with comparatively wide scale producing area,great after sales service ability,and good fame in the printing market.we are proud of being the first one qualified and authorized in china.we have been having tight cooperation for more than 3 years since then.

    The UV printer’s stability mainly present from machine structure itself.Toshiba print head adopts the stable welted rack of machine.in case the frame deform to affect the accuracy shortly.the machine frame is placed 30 days or so to let the inner force out gradually,which will remarkably the UV printer’s stability and ensure no concerns for your later printing.the machine platform and other important surfaces are milled to ensure its accuracy further less than 0.05mm,only from this point,we can see Toshiba’s stability is great.slight error does not appear during printing.

     Apart from machine structure’s stability ,these kinds of spares,print head,ink,UV lamps and so on are rigorously inspected before shipping.we have been always making sure all the printers you receive are great with always standing in customers’ sides.

In addition to its stability advantage. To assess comprehensively,its price ,cost performance are great and fit for individual and small enterprises.

     Finally,I would like to say,Toshiba print heads-as industrial level print head will meet your demand and provide you with the best you need.


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