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Notes for daily use of UV flatbed printer

- Jul 21, 2020 -

Notes for daily use of UV flatbed printer

UV plate printer daily use matters needing attention, generally we bought UV printer, basically every day use


I. Precautions for daily use of  UV flatbed printer

1. Do not suddenly cut off the power supply of  UV flatbed printer

Do not abruptly cut off the power while the UV flat printer is running. Just like your computer, frequent power cuts can damage the UV printer.

2. Do not move UV flatbed printer while it is running

Do not move the device or its engine without turning off the power.In the whole process of the operation of machinery and equipment, it is forbidden to stop suddenly. In case of special circumstances, the emergency pause button can be pressed.If encounter power off difficult problem, please calibrate back to the starting point, carry out printing again.Ensure ink in the whole process of printing, it is not necessary to empty the universal printer nozzle, which is detrimental to the service life of the nozzle.

3. Do not dismantle and repair the  UV flatbed printer

At the beginning, we choose uv printer by the manufacturer after all kinds of production and processing of instruments, we do not have to dismantle the equipment in the case of difficulties.If the universal printer is not very good immediately report the barrier (in the big cheng light chi choose equipment within one working day service).Ensure the safety of the equipment and its staff by using the three-hole plug and its wire connector in the equipment operation.


4. The  UV flatbed printer should be placed in a flat place

Because of the structural problems of UV printers (most of the equipment).In the case of universal printer, we should put the equipment in the area of leveling to prevent skew, skew road will indirectly harm the actual effect of printing.And everyone should maintain the cleanliness of the side of the equipment, maintain universal printer print hea is not easy to have dirty things into the harm of the actual printing effect.

5. Be careful not to block the outlet

Do not place hanging objects on the adsorption service platform (50Kg/ square meter), and do not use cloth to block the outlet of universal printer.Execute the sprinkler head of universal printer regularly to ensure its service life

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