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How to choose UV flatbed printer manufacturer?

- Jul 14, 2020 -

How to choose UV flatbed printer manufacturer?

1. Manufacturer's capability

UV printer manufacturers capability is important, a real enterprise product manufacturers are after years of development and produce, workers are experienced, is also very perfect and efficient, they start from the details, in order to allow customers more satisfied, and improve the UV printing function of printers, has its own skills, this demand site visit!


2, UV flatbed printer accessories

UV printer accessories can often determine the price and quality of the printer, a lot of general core accessories imported, the quality will be better.

3. Customizable

UV flatbed printer may sometimes have customized demand, the real strength of the UV  printer manufacturers will be based on each customer, product, etc., the production demand recommended machines, which may be more expensive.DACEN Optical UV  printer can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, so that customers do not have to worry about the lack of suitable product types.

4. Free printing sample

DACEN from the beginning to adhere to free printing sample services, so that customers in the comparison to make a choice, because manufacturers out of conscience, in order to retain customers, will not be stingy customers more than three!The customer can also refer to various types to help the company find a good proofing process.Comparing customers is a safe bet.So you need to see the accuracy of the sample, multiple sample comparison is indispensable.

5. After-sales service

After sales service is very important, after sales is more important than looking at the machine, more stable, even a good machine may go wrong!If the machine gave a problem, if after sale did not assure, can be very troublesome, so UV fprinter manufacturer has a high-quality after sale army, choose and buy can centering.

How to choose a UV flatbed printer manufacturer?If you happen to need A UV f printer, the above content hope to help you, Dacen has over 10 years of industry experience in UV printers, dozens of technical experienced engineers, if there is a need, welcome to consult.


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