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Printer For Ceramic Good Durability Easy Operate

Printer For Ceramic Good Durability Easy Operate

Printer for ceramic is good at printing ceramic,giving ceramic a particular feeling and excellent visual enjoyment.Its durability is perfect without fading for maore than 10 years indoors and outdoors for more than 4years.

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Product Details

The printer for ceramic applies advanced 8 levels ink grey scale technology that the variable ink drop makes the printed images more lifelike than the other images printed by other average printers ,equipped with anti-collision system ,which provide the print head a guarantee not be damaged by human fault or the deformation of the materials,and anti static system protect the picture from ink flying.

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  1. Can I be your dealer in my origin?
    Yes, we welcome dealer all around the world.

  2. Why the printing effect is not the same as it should be?
    A.Image problem  B. Ink problem  C.The printer problem

  3. How to solve skewing of X axis when printing pictures?
    contact the equipment manufacturers, and ask for a new raster decoder, it can be solved after the operation.

  4. What is Minimum Order quantity?
    MOQ 1 unit.You are welcomed to consult for details.

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